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What would you do if you were lost and alone in the wilderness, only to discover there’s an unseen world filled with magic and danger?

Gracie McKay is excited to begin a new chapter in her life after moving from a Manhattan high-rise to the rural suburbs of Nanaimo, British Columbia. At sixteen, Gracie's smart and pretty, but she's also shy and making friends isn’t easy. Her new classmate, Garrett, is everything she’s ever dreamed of, not to mention he’s an outdoorsman, and she’s finally landed a date with him. But that date will have to wait when Gracie and her mother are involved in a horrific car crash in the mountains.

When Gracie goes for help, she soon finds herself lost in the forest. Facing certain death, she's terrified— that is, until she’s rescued by a mysterious stranger. Plunged into a secret, unseen realm filled with supernatural creatures hidden within the treacherous Vancouver Island wilderness, Gracie tries to adapt, wanting desperately to return home at the same time. Her rescuers welcome her, but Gracie soon finds that some want her dead.

Zari, a handsome teenager, is fierce and untamed, living in this primitive, yet idyllic, world where preternatural powers help him and his clansmen remain concealed from civilized humankind. Having been taught that Gracie’s people are evil, he’s shocked when fate brings them together and he realizes that beneath her shyness lies courage of epic proportions. Emerging as her unlikely savior, they’re thrust into a dangerous, mystical journey that changes their lives forever ¬and forces them to face their destiny. After a brush with death, love blossoms between Gracie and Zari, but can it endure? They’re from two different worlds and then there’s Garrett. Will Gracie choose to stay with Zari or will she return to her former life and Garrett? First, they must survive.

Praise for Befriended, Award winning Fantasy Author, Frank Tuttle writes: An inspiring, thought-provoking glimpse into a world and a people that inhabit a space a stone's throw from our own. Entertaining, yes, but also full of heart. Highly recommended! -- Frank Tuttle, author of the Markhat Files
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Author of The Phantom Forest Saga
Melanie F. Reed
The Phantom Forest Saga
Phantom Forest - Befriended